We believe everything

is connected

We believe earth is a happier place when folks create out of their passion.


We believe if we provide art instruction with clear and focused assignments that allow freedom in how the tasks will be accomplished, we foster a no fear environment and create confidence. It’s not about finding the correct answer or rule; it’s about awareness, perception and making choices.


Our founder: Kate Shema

"Because you gotta have art!"

Proprietor and creator, Kate Shema, was born into a long line of artisans and tinkerers. From stained glass and woodworking to metals and fabrics, from child apprentice to design major to adult artist, no medium or canvas was left unpainted, unsoldered, unembellished, unturned … uncharted.


Her heart is in exploring human potential and building self-esteem by nurturing creativity and self-expression via a myriad of mediums and platforms. Her dream is this studio.


Come experience a new kind of art school in Old Coppell , Texas at the corner of Bethel and Main.



509  W. Bethel Rd.,  Suite 100  Coppell, TX