2021 KIDS


Schedule an In-Studio Group Camp:

Camps Start May 31 and run through August 8. All Camps are in-studio. Pack a snack if you’d like one during the break each day.

Gallery Show on Friday for those who attend all week. To come for a day during a week long camp please contact Kate for availability.


(10% sibling discount)

Please Note: All Camps for

6 to 9yr olds are from 9:30 to 11:30AM

9 to 13yrs are from 1:00 to 3:00PM


M-F National Parks 5 day Tuition $165

05/31 to 06/04

07/05 to 07/09

08/02 to 08/06

Create artwork inspired by National Park scenes, nature, and wildlife.


M-F Beach Staycation 5 day Tuition $165

06/07 to 06/11

07/12 to 07/16

Make artwork sparked by sightings of beach scapes and sea life.


M-F Mythical Creatures 5 day Tuition $165

06/14 to 6/18

07/19 to 7/23

From Alicorns to Zombies, invent artwork full of fantasy and imaginary beings.


M-F Famous Artists 5 day Tuition $165

07/26 to 7/30

Design artwork influenced by significant artists and moments in art history.



Female Artists Day Camps

Camps are 2 hours.

M 06/21 $40

6-9yrs 9:30AM

9-13yrs 1:00PM

Get inspired by the female ceramicist. Lorien Stern, who turns scary things like sharks in to fun clay pieces. Clay gets picked up after being fired.


TU 06/22 $35

6-9yrs 9:30AM

9-13yrs 1:00PM

Create your own high energy abstract paintings like the female painter, Shinique Smith.


W 06/23 $35

6-9yrs 9:30AM

9-13yrs 1:00PM

Artfully assemble objects to create monochromatic sculptures similar to the female sculptor, Louise Nevelson.


TU 06/08 to 07/20

Teen Tuesday In-Studio Class

6 wks (skip 06/29) Tuition $155

13-17yrs, 5:30PM-7:00PM

Teen Tuesday Art Class: Ceramic, drawing and painting (watercolor and acrylic) exercises to improve rendering skills and dexterity.


Parents must sign waiver. Teacher will wear a mask. 3 student minimum, 12 student maximum. 10% sibling discount.


STUDIO CLOSED: June 24-July 4

Register online>

contact Kate

or call 972-745-9200.





509  W. Bethel Rd.,  Suite 100  Coppell, TX